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Peace of Mind

Birdsong Pet Care is driven by a deep love for the well-being of birds and exotic pets, aiming to provide owners peace of mind during travel. Inspired by experience as a veterinary assistant at Birdhouse Mobile Avian & Exotic Vet, a notable need was identified in Asheville's vibrant community.

In a city celebrated for its dog-friendly culture, there's a gap in services for bird and exotic pet owners, leaving many unsure about their companions' well-being in their absence. With a genuine passion for these unique animals, Birdsong Pet Care specializes in delivering exceptional care, drawing on years of experience in veterinary medicine, bird health and behavior, reptile lighting, animal husbandry, and caring for various exotic species.

Trust Birdsong Pet Care for expert and heartfelt care for your feathered and scaled friends. Travel with confidence, knowing your pets are in the hands of caregivers who share your enthusiasm for these fascinating creatures.

Delilah's roots are in North Carolina, where she not only was born but also spent her childhood exploring its diverse landscapes. Raised near the coastal charm of Wilmington, she grew up surrounded by a small homestead, helping to raise chickens and goats. Her affinity for animals blossomed as she frequently brought home a menagerie of creatures.

Venturing into the animal care field in 2012 in Asheville, Delilah's passion for the welfare of animals ignited and has been ablaze ever since. Her professional journey has woven through various animal care settings in both North Carolina and New York, each experience enriching her expertise.

Currently, she works with Dr. Beth Rhyne at Birdhouse Mobile Exotic Vet, contributing to the well-being of diverse and exotic animals. In her commitment to conservation, Delilah has volunteered her time with notable organizations such as the WNC Nature Center, Sister Kitten, and presently with Wild for Life.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Delilah finds joy in her familial roles. She relishes life with her young son, fiancé, canine companion, and a leopard gecko. This intricate tapestry of her personal and professional life reflects Delilah's enduring dedication to the world of animals.

Delilah Wilson

Delilah Wilson holding a Sun Conure

Meet Your Pet Sitter

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