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Delilah Wilson

March 2019 - Present

Birdhouse Mobile Avian & Exotic Vet

Veterinary Executive Assistant

Demonstrated a commitment to exceptional care for avian and exotic animals during examinations and treatments. Prioritized the well-being of animals through attentive handling and restraint, emphasizing safety and hygiene. Responsibilities include maintaining optimal inventory levels, providing clients with valuable education on proper animal care, and handling administrative tasks such as record-keeping, client communication, and outreach.

October 2017 - March 2018

Colonial Animal Hospital

Emergency Overnight Veterinary Assistant

Provided immediate and attentive care in critical situations, responding to emergency calls, administering treatments, monitoring overnight patients and collaborating with the veterinary team. Offered compassionate support to pet owners during challenging moments, ensuring the clinic's efficiency with a focus on maintaining a clean and organized emergency care environment. Developed strong skills in handling high-pressure situations while prioritizing the well-being of animals.

October 2014 - August 2016

Animal Rehab Center

Canine Physical Rehabilitation Coordinator

Implemented  individualized rehabilitation plans for dogs, utilizing various treatments such as hydrotherapy, manual exercises, cold-laser therapy, NMES, Assisi loop therapy, and therapeutic ultrasound. I conducted regular progress evaluations, collaborating closely with the veterinary team to integrate medical assessments into the rehabilitation plans. Additionally, I educated pet owners on post-rehabilitation care and home exercises, ensuring their active involvement in their dogs' recovery. My meticulous documentation of each dog's rehabilitation journey underscored my commitment to providing comprehensive and tailored care for their optimal well-being.

March 2013 - August 2016

Charlotte Street Animal Hospital

Veterinary Assistant

Played a pivotal role in the daily operations of the veterinary clinic, ensuring efficiency in appointments and procedures. Additionally, I contributed to the training of new veterinary assistants, providing guidance and support for their professional development. My responsibilities encompassed administering medications, conducting preliminary assessments, and offering compassionate care to animals and their owners during challenging situations. I actively participated in the implementation of new protocols and procedures, enhancing overall clinic efficiency and adherence to quality standards. This role equipped me with diverse skills in veterinary support, emphasizing both operational excellence and compassionate patient care.

Delilah's Résumé

Your Trusted Source for Animal Care

Bed & Biscuit Pet Spa

August 2012 - March 2013

Animal Caretaker

Maintained a clean and comfortable environment for our canine guests through cleaning routines. Conducted spa-like bathing experiences, managed feeding schedules, and ensured regular walks, providing personalized care tailored to each pet's needs. My dedication contributed to a positive and hygienic atmosphere, enhancing the overall well-being of our furry guests.

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